Blackjack Online Casino Game Mentioned for Players

It’s known that quite a big percentage of online casino players shy away from card games, and tend to focus most of their time on simpler games such as the various online slot machine games you can find. Little did they know that Blackjack in particular is a very easy game to master, and this game is soon making its way to the top of the favourites list. The large payouts are attractive and with a little bit of ‘know how’ any beginner or professional player could be setting themselves up for a massive withdrawal come the end of their online casino session.

Understand the Game

Before playing any game, internet or land based, blackjack or online lotto NZ, it’s seriously advised to find out about the game before investing your time and money on it. This popular online card game is focused around the number 21. 21 is the number you will need to aim for when calculating the total points of your hand. That can sound a little overwhelming but with a hand only consisting of 2 cards it’s a breeze.

Each card has a face value and to decipher who wins the round depends on who lands on the closest number to 21. The face values are as follows: cards 2 – 10 are equal to the same amount of points as their face value, so if you landed with a 10 of spades the amount of points you would take from that card specifically would be 10. Jack, Queen and King are equal to a total of 10 points each, and the Ace can be either a 1 or an 11. The suit of the cards plays no relevance in this game; you’ll only be focusing on the numbers.

Blackjack Lingo

Whether you’re playing a free game of Blackjack or you’re playing with real money, the virtual dealer will deal you 2 cards. Your 2 cards will be dealt facing down. He will deal himself 2 cards as well, 1 facing up, the other facing down. You will then get a chance to see your cards.

If your cards are 21 in total first round you immediately win the game. If you’re happy with your 2 cards you can ‘stand’ and keep your cards. If you’re a bit low on the points you can choose to ‘hit’ which allows you to choose another card and add that value to your total. Be careful here, if your total goes over 21 you’ll immediately be out of the game. If your cards tie with the dealer’s cards then it’s called a ‘push’, no one in this case wins, but you can keep your starting bet.

There is a sequence of cards that gave this game its name and that is if you are dealt an Ace and a face value card that brings you to the total of 21, this is called a Blackjack.

This easy card game is waiting for your attention. You could walk away hundreds and thousands of Pounds richer from a few short minutes of play.