Online Guide Explaining How to Play Lotto

The lotto, or lottery, is one of the most widely known games in the world, with many countries having their own local version, including Australia, and offering payouts that are enormous if all the numbers are hit.

A player simply selects their six numbers, from one to eighty, or from one to forty nine, or other varieties, depending on the casino, and if those numbers are chosen at random, he or she wins. This is simple enough. But, when learning how to play lotto, casino lotto in particular, there are other bonuses and rules to keep in mind that maximise the chances of winning.

The Odds of Winning Lotto

Keep in mind, when learning how to play lotto, that the odds of winning big, hitting all six numbers, are small, especially in comparison to the odds of winning other popular casino games. So much so that national lotteries can roll over, with no winners of all six numbers, for many consecutive months. The odds of winning the jackpot in the United Kingdom lottery, all six numbers, are one in fourteen million, from a choice of numbers between one and forty nine.

Bonus and Special Payouts

When learning how to play lotto, keep in mind that often not all your numbers have to come up in order to win. You may, for example, win a small amount if only two of your numbers show up. Four of your numbers may be a good payout, while six is always an enormous sum. The sixth number is often also set as a bonus number.

So, if the player hits one number and the bonus number, or two numbers and the bonus number, it is a higher payout then non-bonus numbers. Four numbers and the bonus is a fairly big win. Some casinos, both online and virtual, often offer free lotto picks as bonus incentives for signing up, or an extra for winning at other games. Some casinos allow more then six numbers to be chosen, with varying rules on the payout per numbers hit, while others even allow specific bets to be placed on the set of numbers. Be sure to double-check the kind of mobile lotto UK you are playing when placing bets.

Increasing your Odds

Once you understand the basics of how to play online lotto, there is very little that can be done to increase your chances of winning, since the results are entirely up to chance, selected digitally, or in some real world casinos, still by a mechanical device. This type of game is known as a no skills game, since in other games such as poker, or blackjack, the experience or skill of the player can greatly increase the chances of a win. Lotto wins are by chance alone. You may, however, note that playing the same numbers for each lotto pick you make, as apposed to choosing new numbers every time, does increase the chances of a win, if only very slightly. Over time your lucky numbers have a greater chance of coming up.