Kings Of Chicago Slots Mentioned in Detail Online

When considering the size of the city of Chicago today, it’s no easy feat to believe that in 1850, Chicago had a minute population of just over 80 000 people.  Chicago had no formal police force; only a few city marshals to keep peace and maintain order.  Today it is an altogether different scenario.  Chicago has evolved into the capital of organised crime.  This thanks to a very unlikely culprit:  a three metre mud-jack.

As a result of Chicago having been build over a swamp, the mud from the swamp was constantly oozing up onto the surface of the city’s streets – made completely of wood in those years.  The wood would rot over time, causing a major problem for the city’s developing infrastructure.  It was decided that the entire city should be lifted, or jacked up, in order to avoid the damp and mud from seeping through to the surface.  This worked really well as far as the redemption of the infrastructure was concerned, but it unfortunately gave birth to a sub-culture of crime that would eventually be equalled by no other.  And hence came to be the Kings of Chicago; organised crime bosses making a wealthy living from illegal dealings with alcohol, guns and drug trafficking.

Kings of Chicago slot is based on the often romanticised world of organised crime.  The game is a unique combination of online Poker and a typical slot game.

Kings of Chicago slot can be played on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.  The game is available to play for free or for a chance to win real money.

Kings Of Chicago Playing Cards

Being essentially a game of poker, the slot game features cards instead of typical symbols.  5 Pay lines are centred on a 3 x 5 grid.  15 playing cards are dealt on paylines each time the slot is played.  The combination of cards dealt will determine a win or a loss.  A typical three of a kind Poker hand will constitute a win, as will a combination of 3 or more matching cards.

Other combinations constituting a win includes a Natural Royal Flush, which will add a grand 10000 credits to the player’s winnings, a Five of a Kind (worth 1500 credits), a Royal Flush (worth 1000 credits) and a Straight Flush, which constitutes a win of 250 credits.

Lower value scores include Four of a Kind, Three of a Kind, Full House, Flush and Straight, paying anything from 2 credits to 75 credits.

The Wild Joker

The Joker card acts as would a wild symbol, substituting for all other cards in order to achieve the highest possible winning combination.  All wins activated by the Joker card are doubled up.

Scatter Cards

The game includes a scatter feature, working in much the same way as would a scatter symbol at Gaming Club online casino.  The scatter card label can appear over any standard card.  Three or more scatter labelled cards will activate a bonus cash payment and a number of Free Deals.

Up to 500 credits and 30 Free Deals are up for grabs.