An Introductory Review of Koi Princess Online Slot

Koi Princess is an online video slot developed by NetEnt, and is a homage to the wonderful world of Anime.  For those not familiar with the term, Anime refers to the Japanese art of hand drawn or computer generated animation.  Anime is certainly a reference to animation in general, but more than that, animation influenced by the rich and colourful Japanese culture.

It’s interesting to note the influence by 17th century Japanese shadow puppets, which was essentially a puppet show of which only the shadows cast by the puppets could be seen by the audience.  These puppets can be identified in modern day Anime.  In Anime, people are often turned into puppets as a form of punishment.  Puppets are also frequently brought to life.

Whenever a Kabuki puppet show (or shadow puppet show) drew to a close, the main character would assume a dramatic pose, with eyes crossed.  The same is true for the climactic moment during Anime.  Modern day influence on Anime typically includes social issues, often depicted in detailed scenes by strong feminine characters.

The Anime industry is highly popular, and consists of more than 430 production studios – a clear indication of the size of its fan-base.

Koi Princess is a creative masterpiece and a welcome addition to the world of online slots.  The game features 20 paylines on 5 reels, as well as bonus features.

Koi Princess Reel Symbols

Symbols include the Koi Princess, a selection of Japanese idols and a number of playing cards like you go through many card icons in slots listed here.  Three or more of a kind on any active payline constitutes a win.

The Japanese idols are the higher paying symbols.  The orange idol pays out at 300 credits for a combination of 5 matching symbols in a row, 150 credits for 4 in a row, and 30 credits for three of a kind.  The green idol pays out at 250 credits for a 5 of a kind trick, 100 credits for 4 in a row on an active payline, and 20 credits for 3 matching green idol symbols.  The blue gold coin idol symbol will credit the player’s bankroll by 200, 75 or 20 credits respectively, depending on the number of matching symbols on an active payline.

The playing card symbols range from the number 10 to the Ace card, the Ace being the highest point in the range, rolling in at 160 credits for a 5 in a row combination.

Koi Princess Scatter Symbol

The Koi Princess scatter symbol awards a bonus cash prize for all combinations of 2 or more during any one spin.  The top prize is 500 credits for 5 scatter symbols.

Koi Princess Bonus Symbol

Whenever three or more of the Bonus symbols are landed on reels 1, 3 and 5, the Random Bonus Feature will be awarded to the player.  The Bonus Features are awarded at random, and includes Sure Win Free Spins, Wild Reels Free Spins, Coin Win and the Bonus Wheel.

Bonus Bet Option

The Bonus Bet Option can be activated for each individual spin.  The cost of a spin with the Bonus Bet Option activated, is double the usual tally.  Once the Bonus Bet Option is activated, it increases the chance of a Random Feature or a Bonus Feature being awarded during play.  The values on the game’s Bonus Wheel will also change, in order to secure larger payouts.