Strategies for Doing the Best in Lottery

There are a number of extant lottery strategies that rely on maths or logic in order to work, and these are commonly referred to as reality-based systems. The techniques which fall under this heading are called tracking; wheeling and pooling, and by making use of them players may be able to improve their odds, and a combination of tracking and pooling is very popular among serious players.

The Tracking Method of Improving Lottery Odds

The tracking method is also commonly referred to as frequency analysis for lottery games and it essentially involves players noting the individual numbers drawn over a certain time period. This method could be compared to handicapping a racehorse: rating the animal’s past performance in order to calculate what chance it stands to win in the future.

The numbers that appear most often in lottery results under the tracking system are known as hot numbers same in online lotto USA. Certain players will choose to play only these on the supposition that they will appear again in future draws because they have appeared so frequently in the past. This theory has its flaws however: since they have already appeared so consistently, it can also be said that these numbers are likely to start appearing less often in the future. Certain players will thus also be concentrating on the so-called cold numbers, the overdue ones that have yet to show up in a draw. It is generally recommended that players put both hot and cold numbers to use when playing the lottery, since this is the easiest method to cover all their bases and ensure that the most obvious number results are covered in the selection they have made.

Lottery experts have differing opinions as to which tracking methods are the most successful, and there is no exact formula that is guaranteed to work every time. Players, however, are able to develop their own frequency analysis systems once they understand how to do so, and can often put these to work to gain extraordinary wins. In fact, the first winner of the first Lotto Texas jackpot was a tracker, and the prize was more than $21 million dollars.

Since there was very little data for Janie Kallus to input, however, her method was a unique one: she set to work tracking numbers which had appeared from the draws of other states’ lotteries. It is easy to find lists that detail these winning numbers, since the websites for most states’ lotteries list them in their entirety. There are also speciality publications available online that will catalogue them and these sites will also frequently include forecasting graphs; charts and diagrams as well.

Pooling Money to Better the Odds

A popular method to further up the chances of a big win is adding the pooling method to that of tracking, whereby players will combine the money that they have available to spend on the lottery and so stretch their resources. This allows players to increase the amount of tickets they are able to purchase and so, logically, better the chance that the winning one will be among them. The drawback of this system, however, is that any winnings will need to split.