Lucky Cherry Online Slot Introduced to Pokies Online Players

Lucky Cherry is an old type fruit machine slot game, featuring just one single payline and three reels. Themed around old type slots, players familiar with fruit machine mechanics will be transported to a time where one-armed bandits were popular in pubs and nightclubs.

The Cherry in Lucky Cherry

Slot machines started out informally, generating the name one-armed bandits. Players familiar with the old type slots found readily in pubs, fish and chips shops and pubs around the United Kingdom will recall that all symbols on the slots reels were predominantly made up of fruit symbols.

These symbols have come to include cherries, lemons, plums, apples and even bananas. The name fruit machine was then given to slot machines, as all symbols were themed and related to fruit. The need for these machines soared as players demanded simple and exciting entertainment.

Lucky Cherry Reel Symbols

There are no extravagant graphics, no monsters to fight or aliens to bombard within Lucky Cherry slot title. The mechanics are simple, it’s a game of chance focused around one predominant payline. The reel symbols in Lucky Cherry slot have been simplified for player experience and simplistic entertainment. Lucky Cherry features just three reel symbols and players can expect to see old type classic symbols such as cherries, sevens and BAR symbols.


The graphics portray slightly muted yet vibrant colours with a sense of dulled tone and atmosphere. The old type approach to this online slot makes players comfortable as the ease of navigation and familiar interface make Lucky Cherry slot title a user friendly, light hearted fun experience for the novice or veteran slots enthusiast alike.

Bonus Symbol and Features

Many of the video slot titles in gambling online Canada available today come standard with free mini games and bonus rounds that are attractive in many ways as these features offer a break in the constant spinning of the reels. If players enjoy this type of slot then Lucky Cherry is simply not a slot title for you. This is a simple old type slot focused on one consistent payline; there are no bonus rounds or free games to be played.  It is this simplicity that makes the slot title so appealing.

Lucky Cherry slot has incorporated a nifty bonus symbol into the game. This feature breathes life into a slot genre where three reels and one single payline have been the standard throughout slot games.

The smiling cherry graphic represents the bonus symbol of the slot title. This smiling cherry will act as a wild symbol, which has the ability of any typical wild in a video slot, substituting for all other symbols within the game. If players manage to land the wild symbol on the reels, it will become slightly animated, giving players a wink and thumbs up.

Players will be delighted to know that when the wild symbol appears in a winning combination it will award a 2X multiplier on the total wagered amount. If players manage to land on two smiling cherry wild symbols in a winning combination, a whopping 4X multiplier on the total wagered will be awarded. This is a generous feature in a slot title and provides players with some big winning combinations.