An Introduction to Mobile Keno in New Zealand

In New Zealand, online and mobile casinos offer players the opportunity to access and play the widest range of casino games from all over the world. This includes pokies, table games, card games, arcade style games and lottery games. One of the most popular lottery-type casino games is Keno. This exciting online game offers up multiple winning opportunities including some seriously big payouts if you match up all the numbers. In the notes below, we are going to have a look at how to play mobile keno on your smartphone or tablet for real money.

If you want to start playing mobile casino games online. The first step is to sign up with a reputable New Zealand casino. While there may be many to choose from, the best mobile sites offer hundreds games, instant online access, great bonuses and secure banking facilities. Once you have created a free casino account, you can get started playing mobile keno for free straight away. If you want to play for cash, all top-rated real money casinos offer secure deposit options.

How Mobile Keno Works

Mobile Keno can be played on all leading tablets, smartphones and mobile devices. To access the game, you can either download the mobile casino app, or play instantly online via the New Zealand casino flash site. As mentioned earlier, Keno is a lottery game where the aim is to match up numbers from a random draw. The setup of the game is quite simple. The game consists of an electronic keno board containing 80 numbers. At the start of the game, players choose how much they want to bet and how many rounds they want to play at a time.

For convenience, the game will have buttons at the bottom of the screen to select 1, 5 or 10 rounds. After players have selected how many rounds they would like to play, they can then choose or mark off between 1 and 15numbers on the mobile keno board. Once the player has selected the keno numbers, the machine will randomly draw 20 numbers from the 80 on the board. At this point, players are paid out according to how many of their chosen numbers match the numbers drawn.

Keno Payouts and Strategies

In mobile keno, the more numbers that are matched up, the higher the payouts. The keno paytable will display what the payouts are for the amount of numbers chosen verses the number of matches. Like most games of chance such as mobile casino pokies NZ, there are no proven winning strategies in Keno. The number are drawn by a random number generator which makes it impossible to tell which numbers will come out next.

If you take a look at a Keno paytable, you will find that the payouts decrease as you choose more numbers. For example, if you choose five numbers and you match up all five, the payout is 50x your total bet stake. However, if you choose seven numbers and match five, the payout drops to 12x your total bet stake. The highest payout is matching up 15 numbers which pays out a massive 10 000x your total bet.