Mystical Unicorn Online Slot Overview for Casino Enthusiasts

Mystical Unicorn slot is a very popular video slot that was released a number of years ago by Williams Interactive Software for brick and mortar casinos. Banks of these slots could be found throughout the world on casino floors, attracting people with pretty graphics and a fantasy theme.  Mystical Unicorn slot has gone through a number updates and rereleases, but remains at its core the same video slot that came onto the market so many years ago.

On the face of it this is simply another WMS G+ Deluxe title, featuring the same backbone and concepts as many other WMS slots. The symbols all look drawn by the same artist; the cabinet lighting is the same as is the rather cheesy voice over. The key to this Deluxe 5×4 range is the huge range of paylines now available, going all the way up to a whopping 100 paylines for even more possible win combinations.

Theme and Symbols

The fantasy theme to this slot will really appeal to the ten year old girl in you. It does have a bit of a split personality. On one hand a bunch of the symbols look like they come from a wonderland-esque theme, with bunnies, an attractive maiden, mushrooms and the like. The second bunch of symbols look almost Arthurian; medieval castles and a grinning goateed man with a hunting bow that looks a lot like Robin Hood. The last symbol is of course the glowing white unicorn of the games title. The base symbols are the regular ones from many other WMS games, namely the suites from a deck of poker cards made out to look like jewels.

Mystical Unicorn Familiar Feel

The layout and feel to this slot may be familiar to you, which would not be surprising as this is simply another skin over WMS usual slot backbone. Dark reels set off prettily designed graphics, which look good enough to hang on a small girl’s room wall. The buttons and information at the bottom of the screen has the familiar gold highlight to it, with the buttons themselves being in blue. The brick and mortar machine has two screens, the top one being for the game’s title and paytable, and the lower one for the reels and all the action, for example many eSports betting sites for Australian punters divide the screen in two parts, one part showing current bets and other part showing your balance. The bottom screen is a touch screen interface and the graphics are high definition 3D.

Special Features of Mystical Unicorn

Mystical Unicorn slot has a few special features to report, but not as many as newer video slots. The two main symbols to look out for on the reels are the Castle scatter and the glowing Unicorn Wild. The unicorns can replace any other symbol in the game except for the Castle scatters. The scatters themselves will set off the free spins feature should you find three or more of them anywhere on the reels. Three castles will grant you ten free spins and increase the chance of Wild Unicorns. Four scatters will get you twenty free spins, and five scatters will get you the games maximum fifty free spins.