A Guide to Playing Casino Bonus Games for Players

Every online casino offers players the chance to claim generous bonuses and rewards. Regular promotions, loyalty bonuses and so much more are always up for grabs at top rated casinos, and are an excellent incentive for players to sign up and make a deposit.

When you do choose a casino and claim bonuses it is however essential that you read the terms and conditions of any rewards offered. This way, you can be sure that you play casino bonus games, rather than sitting with a reward you can’t, or don’t want to use.

When you accept a play casino bonus, you’ll need to take a look at the following:

Play Through Requirements

Play through or wagering requirements are limits set by the casino to ensure that players actually use the bonus money for what it is intended. A play through requirement will usually be written as a times amount, indicating how many times you have to play thought the bonus before you can claim any winnings. Therefor if a play casino bonus has a 20x play though or wagering requirement, you’ll have to have played or wagered the bonus amount 20 times before you can cash out.

Eligible Games

Certain bonuses exclude a number of games for various reasons. When you play casino bonus rewards you’ll need to a make sure that you are doing so in games that are actually eligible. Sometimes slots may be excluded, or card games such as blackjack or poker, or internet keno, so it is always suggested you check and see whether the bonus you claim can actually work for you in the games you want to play.

Casino Bonus Logic

You may wonder why a casino gives away what is essentially free money. When you play casino bonus games with money that’s been generously given to you, you are benefiting from a casino’s marketing ploy, but the reason why there are such stringent terms and conditions attached are to ensure that no one takes advantage.

Whilst a casino may be giving you free money, its not opening itself up to abuse, as a player must use the money in the way in which it is intended and cannot cash out unless they meet all the requirements. This ensures that bonuses are really win-win for both players and casinos, as they get to keep players playing, and players make deposits in order to keep claiming bigger and better rewards.

Technically everyone benefits from bonuses and if you use them wisely, you can certainly give your gaming a boost and improve your winning chances on a regular basis.

Cash Out Rules

When you play casino bonus games for real money there are sure to be some sort of cash out rules. Some bonuses only allow for any winnings to be used in games that players also use some of their deposit for or they allow for winnings to be cashed out without any deposit required. Cash out rules will be explained in the terms and Conditions and you’ll be able to gauge how much you can benefit from a reward simply by taking a look at the fine print.