Read About The Advantages Of Slots Tournaments

Slots games offer the opportunities of striking it lucky and the thrill of winning big. Add in the competitive streak of an online tournament, and the popularity stakes just rose that much higher.

Here are some advantages of playing slots tournaments online:

*Playing with other players, adds a competitive edge to the game.

*The live chat functionality of a tournament adds a social dimension to the game.

The rules of the game

The rules for Slots tournaments are simple – at the end of it the person who has accumulated the highest winnings at the end of a session, wins a prize. Each player has their slot machine loaded with the same amount of free credits in this version.

Alternatively, in another version of the game, the person in a high-roller tournament who has accumulated the most points wins.  Points are allocated depending on the number of stakes made, and how high they are.

*The game is fast paced as there is a time limit per round in a three-round session. Slots tournaments demand that you spin the reels as fast as you can while a clock counts you down.

Winnings explained

With fingers poised to stop and start the spins as quickly as you can, your chances at winning are greater at a tournament because each spin represents a chance at winning PLUS there is more than one winner per session, with prizes awarded to different placeholders. This means you have a greater chance at not leaving empty handed.

Your potential prize money at is also considerably higher than a standard game of slots, as it is sourced from the pooled entry fees of all players, with the House only taking a small percentage for itself. Remember though that casinos reserve the right to award high-value prizes such as vacations and cars, rather than cash prizes. Be sure to know this upfront before you play. Normally, if you pay a cash entry fee for a tournament, you stand to win a cash prize! The higher the entry fee, the higher the potential cash prize!

*In cash games, chips represent money and each chip lost is deducted from your bankroll.

In Slots tournaments, you never stand to lose more than your buy-in fee. It’s your entry fee that secures you a spot in the tournament and includes the House fee (a small percentage the casino takes). With slots tournaments, entry fees are payable before play, and winners are awarded a pre-set number of credits or casino chips. Because you are essentially wagering with “play money” and will do so until it has run out, you can be assured that you never stand to lose more than your original buy-in fee.

*With a leaderboard keeping track of who’s bagged the most winnings, it’s possible for someone mid-game to suddenly make a big win and dethrone the current winner. This makes the game a cinch for those who normally experience themselves as the underdog. The unpredictable nature of slots tournaments throws the floor wide open on who can win, which evens the playing field.