Throwing Light on Blackjack Strategy for Online Players

Blackjack has been popular for hundreds of years, and is believed to have developed from a French game called Ving-et-Un. When this was first played in the 1700s, it was an elite entertainment that was enjoyed only by the aristocracy, but today everyone, including online casino players in South Africa, has access to the game. Blackjack has simple rules that give rise to many different outcomes, and its combination of strategy and elements of chance make it exciting and thought-provoking at the same time. For thinking players, it’s the perfect sophisticated entertainment.

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Getting Ready to Play Your Favourite Online Casino Games

Visiting land-based casinos is always a great experience, and the authentic atmosphere is genuinely thrilling. However, many players can’t get to offline establishments for various reasons, and still want to enjoy world-class playing experiences. This is where online casinos come in. The superb software of today is able to offer smooth and immersive online casino games and overall experiences, and they boast many advantages of their own.

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Blackjack Online Casino Game Mentioned for Players

It’s known that quite a big percentage of online casino players shy away from card games, and tend to focus most of their time on simpler games such as the various online slot machine games you can find. Little did they know that Blackjack in particular is a very easy game to master, and this game is soon making its way to the top of the favourites list. The large payouts are attractive and with a little bit of ‘know how’ any beginner or professional player could be setting themselves up for a massive withdrawal come the end of their online casino session.

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Looking at the Differences of Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is also sometimes called the Two Card game, Dealer Disclosure or Face up 21. This casino game is a variant of regular blackjack that was initially, and unsurprisingly first enjoyed in Las Vegas. The fundamental difference between Double Exposure Blackjack and regular Blackjack is that in Double Exposure Blackjack the dealers’ cards are both dealt face up. Knowing the dealers’ cards is obviously quite a game-changer for a player since this gives them far greater betting information and knowledge regarding the requirements of their own hand.

As can be expected with casino games, there is no free ride, and in Double Exposure Blackjack there are multiple rule changes that are made in order to compensate the house for the disadvantage of a completely exposed dealer. A natural blackjack hand in this game only pays out even money, and having the same score as the dealer is a loss for the player.

Additional Rule Changes

The additional game modifications in Double Exposure Blackjack mean that since both the dealers’ cards are exposed, players cannot buy insurance nor can they surrender their hand. Statistically the house edge in Double Exposure Blackjack therefore ends up being greater than in traditional blackjack, despite the seemingly advantageous situation for the player. Double Exposure blackjack is nevertheless still amongst the better casino games available with respect to statistical opportunity.

Another way that casinos increase their odds on winning at Double Exposure Blackjack is by stipulating that eight card decks are used in the game. This negates any card counting possibilities or weighting of possibilities, which all contribute to adding a slight advantage to the casinos statistical chances of triumphing.

Furthermore, casinos apply certain minor, but statistically significant restrictions on players in order to keep the odds in their favour. Doubling down and splitting is restricted at most casinos, and doubles after splitting are clearly not allowed.

Changes to Blackjack Playing Strategy

There are consequentially certain alterations that need to be made to the standard basic blackjack strategy when playing this version of the game. In Double Exposure Blackjack, simply the effect of a player losing in the event of a tie with the dealer changes strategy significantly. The restrictions on doubling and splitting, plus rules that the player may not double after a split, on any first two cards, or on unmatched 10-value cards mean that despite the double exposure, the odds still favour the house.

Benefits to Playing Double Exposure Blackjack

Therefore, for jaded card players who are keen to play an online card game that is fresh and interesting, yet familiar enough for comfort, Double Exposure blackjack may be the ideal form of entertainment. Whilst the players’ odds may not be quite as high as in classic European or American Blackjack, the returns in this form of the game is nevertheless at the higher end of the spectrum, compared to all the other casino games.

The slight variations to the rules that the additional exposed dealer card makes adds to the entertainment value in this game, and players at online NZ casino can still consider Double Exposure Blackjack as a game well able to provide sustained winnings.