The Most Popular Roulette Variations

Roulette is one of the most integral casino games and it’s rare to find an online operator that doesn’t make some form of it available.

Although there are three main versions inherited from the land-based gaming world, the American, European, and French, the internet has seen great innovations taking place. Developers fight to keep players interested and engaged by coming up with new takes on this old favourite and this means that you can pick and choose from a good variety of different ways to enjoy The Devil’s Game online!


The American variation shares many features with its popular cousins European and French Roulette but distinguishes itself by the addition of the 00 pocket on the reels and the table.

This changes the house edge drastically, pushing it up to 5.26%, which makes it a great option for high rollers, players feeling particularly lucky, and those who love a challenge!


You’ll be playing with European Roulette’s rules and wheel in Double-Ball which offers exactly what the name suggests. Only 1 ball needs to hit for you to win an Inside bet but both balls will need to end up in winning pockets if you’ve opted for an Outside wager.


This is by far the most popular Roulette variation, featuring a wheel with 37 numbers from 0 to 36. With a house edge of just 2.63%, it gives players a better chance of seeing a good return.


The French take on the classic casino online roulette sites for Aussies title has a special table, different from the American and European versions, firstly in its house edge, which is 2.7%. The bets are in French, and it features the La Partage rule which sees you getting half of your even-money wager back if the ball ends up in the 0 pocket.


As indicated by the name, this Roulette variation has fewer numbers and less betting options when compared to its counterparts. It’s ideal for players short on time.


The classic rules apply here, and you’ll see the usual betting interface along with the special Racing Track for Call wagers. The standard wheel has one special addition, an extra pocket labelled HOT and is the ticket to the Bonus section of this title.

You’ll choose stakes from Monopoly bills; the font is the same and as you place your bets and spin the screen will display an animated wheel. Winning numbers get a close-up and the game’s quick tempo is a-thrill-a-minute.


This variation lets you bet on the results of more than one reel simultaneously. It’s a very new game online and you’ll usually be able to choose between anything from 2 to 8 wheels at once!


This variation has no 0 pocket on the wheel which removes the house edge completely. Unsurprisingly, players go wild for this take on Roulette when playing at online roulette sites for Aussies.

Roulette Royale

This version uses much of European Roulette’s format but additionally provides a Progressive Jackpot Feature. To get this huge win paid into your account, you’ll need to hit the same number 5 times in a row.