The Transformers Video Slots Game Summarized for Players

The Transformers video slots game by IGT offers players a layout of five reels and twenty five pay lines to play on.

The Transformers Theme

The Transformers video slots game is based on the Transformers entertainment series. The game features characters from the series and the graphics are in line with what fans of the series would be expecting.

The Varying Wild Symbols

Like AU gamblers are known about the different roles of wilds to play pokies in Australia, there are numerous wild symbols in the Transformers video slots game. The first of these is represented by the Cybertron. This Cybertron wild symbol may be used to substitute any of the other symbols on the reels, except for the bonus, other wilds, and scatter symbols, in order to complete winning combinations and reward players with the highest possible payouts. The Cybertron wild symbol will also reward players with a multiplier, which will vary depending on the results of a pickā€™em feature.

Once players have landed a wild symbol that forms part of a winning combination, they will have to pick a planet, which will then reveal a hidden multiplier. This multiplier value may be anything from two times to ten times. This multiplier will then be applied to the win.

The other two wild symbols in the Transformers video slots game are the Autobot and the Deception symbols. These two symbols may also be used to substitute any of the other symbols, except for the bonus, Cybertron wild, and scatter symbol.

In substituting other symbols, these wild symbols may also help players complete winning combinations. In addition, the Autobot and Deception wild symbols will act as expanding wilds, meaning that when they are landed, they may expand and turn the entire reel into a wild one.

The Transformers Scatter Symbols

The Transformers video slots game features two scatter symbols. These are the Optimus Prime and the Megatron symbols. These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels in order to result in a winning payout. However, the Optimus Prime symbol can only appear on the first reel, while the Megatron symbol can only appear on the fifth reel.

These scatter symbols do not result in a prize payout per se, but if both of them appear scattered on their respective reels anywhere on the playing field, this will trigger the Transformers Ultimate Payback bonus feature.

The Transformers Ultimate Payback Bonus Feature

Once the bonus feature of the Transformers video slots game has been launched, players will have to choose their Transformer character to play with and the one they believe will win the feature. Players will be rewarded with free spins, which may go up to a number of one hundred, and, if they land a fight symbol on the fifth reel, the battle scene will take place. If the Transformer character chosen by the player wins, then players can stand the chance of winning up to 3250 additional credits.

If the Transformer character wins the battle without any injuries and still has all three power units, then players will receive an additional twenty times the original bat. If they win but with some damage and only one or two of the power units remaining, this will result in a reward of six times the original bet. If the player does not win the battle round nor has any free spin wins, a consolation prize of four times the original bet will be paid out.