Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

Don’t have cash right away to play at an online casino? No fear.

Register with an online casino and open an account with them, and they may reward you with your very first gaming session – on the House!

Known as a No Deposit Bonus, this reward can be claimed via email or an online form. Most times, however, your account will automatically be credited! It’s that simple.

Nevertheless, to make this free money work for you and to avoid disappointment with your casino down the line, be sure to understand the small print. If you know the provisos, you’ll know which games are qualifiers for bonus offerings and you can have an idea of the overarching timeframe of when you can expect to cash in your winnings. This way you won’t be left hanging.

The number one proviso of using a No Deposit Bonus is that there is a minimum number of times the money can be passed through the system. If you get 200 dollars, as an example, expect to play your money at least 20 times through the system or to spend a minimum of 4000 dollars a cycle. Some casinos may forfeit this prerequisite in favour of asking for a fund-withdrawal fee at the end of your session.

While this is the simplest way to start wagering, there are other ways of kickstarting your bankroll if you’re a novice.

Different Bonus Options

A Sticky Bonus is very similar to a No Deposit Bonus, the only caveat being that you cannot cash-out this bonus. Once you’ve played the amount through the minimum cycle threshold, you only get to cash out those winnings made over and above the bonus amount. At the moment of your first cash withdrawal, the bonus is removed from your account.

If you have some money with which to bet and are looking to start betting conservatively when opening an online account, consider a Free Money Bet. This is where a casino pays you a flat fee for your first deposit regardless of the amount you initially invest. It’s not uncommon to get 80 dollars as a bonus, regardless of whether you initially invest 20 dollars of your own money or 50.

If you’re a high roller and are feeling lucky as a first timer, why not consider the Match Bonus? Basically, the online casino with which you’re registering will match your initial deposit with the exact same amount. In this instance, you wouldn’t be able to deposit more than 200 dollars in one go. However, potentially having 400 dollars upfront as your initial bankroll isn’t a bad way to start your gambling journey!

Once you do start betting online, however, and you reach a certain status, you’ll qualify for a Loyalty Bonus. Each casino will differ on their qualifying prerequisites for playthrough requirements and cash-out. Bonus types and amounts will differ from one provider to the next, as will the playthrough rules.